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Subscribers to Studi Musicali can consult the journal online (only if they access the inrnet from a static IP address). Printing of the articles or any part of them is also possible. Subscribers must provide their own static IP internet address and inform us about updates and any changes as soon as possible. Please read carefully Terms of online use you're subscribing.
For more technical details, please read the rules for online access.
For any information or support requests subscribers can use the following contacts:
tel. +39-06-80242347
fax +39-06-80242306
For advertisements on the journal please contact:
How to subscribe
The online subscription to Studi Musicali is included with the paper format subscription to the journal. Online subscription only is not currently possible, but users can request to no longer receive the paper format (anyway the fee will be the same as expected for the full subscription). To subscribe users can send an email to with their subscription request. Payments can be made in one of the following forms:
1) Bank transfer – IBAN "IT 31 I 01005 03240 000000009872" - SWIFT/BIC: "BNL II TRR" - BNL – Bank name: “Gruppo BNP Paribas”- bank address “Agenzia di Via del Corso, 471 - 00186 Roma” - Bank account holder: “Accademia nazionale di Santa Cecilia Fondazione”
2) Postal bank transfer - IBAN: "IT 68 S 07601 03200 000030406003" - BIC: "BPPIITRRXXX"
3) Italian Postal Office Payment (“Bollettino Postale”) n. 30406003 Intestato a: “Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia Fondazione”.
Causale: “Abbonamento Studi Musicali per l'anno 20XX”.
For current rates and details, please read the Supscription terms below.
Subscription terms
Subscribers receive the journal twice a year in printed version and have full access to the online digital version of all years, until the last number issued, if they have provided to the publisher their static IP address that is necessary to browse the archive. Please, note that every year are printed and distributed the second number of the previous year and the first number of the current year.

Rate Institutional subscribers 110.00 euros
Rate individual subscribers 90.00 euros

Shipping and handling for domestic and international subscribers are free.
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